Assistive Conversational Agent for Health Coaching: A Validation Study

Published in Methods of Information in Medicine, 2019

The study provided a set of dimensions when building a human–conversational agent powered health intervention tool. The results provided interesting insights when using human–conversational agent mediated approach in health coaching systems. The findings revealed that users who were highly engaged were also more adherent to conversational-agent activities. This research made key contributions to the literature on techniques in providing social, yet tailored health coaching support: (1) identifying habitual patterns to understand user preferences; (2) the role of a conversational agent in delivering health promoting micro-activities; (3) building the technology while adhering to individuals’ daily messaging routine; and (4) a socio-technical system that fits with the role of conversational agent as an assistive component.

Recommended citation:
Ahmed Fadhil, Yunlong Wang, Harald Reiterer: Assistive Conversational Agent for Health Coaching: A Validation Study. In Methods of Information in Medicine 2019;58(01):009-023. DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1688757.

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