I am Yunlong Wang - 王云龙 in Chinese - a research fellow at the Institute for Health Innovation & Technology (iHealthTech), National University of Singapore. Currently I am working in the NUS Ubicomp lab, directed by A/Prof. Brian Lim. Here I focus on the incorporation of HCI and AI for health behavior change.

Previously, I got my PhD in the HCI Group, University of Konstanz, Germany. Under the supervision of Prof. Harald Reiterer, I worked in the SMARTACT project with a focus on persuasive technologies for health behavior change.

Health behavior change (HBC) is an emerging inter-disciplinary research field, which might involve theories and practices from human-computer interaction (HCI), artificial intelligence (AI), and health psychology. HBC is necessary because it is the only way to prevent many chronic diseases despite the current medical development; HBC is promising because we are now surrounded by digital devices which can be potentially used to deliver health interventions.

Technology is never neutral; it changes the world in its way. My calling is to make it better for our well-being. I have published several papers on HBC, especially sedentary behavior change. Please check them if you are interested in, leave me a message if you have any related questions, or contact me if we can cooperate on this topic.